Free Backup

  • icon Carbon-Copy-Cloner 3.3.7

    Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.7

    Clone, synchronize, backup. Schedule and forget it. Try it ´til you trust it.

    When left to a human, the task often gets tacked on to the end of a very long list of other things to do. When you eventually have a catastrophe, t...

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  • icon Cobian-Backup 10

    Cobian Backup 10

    Free utility for making backups of files and folders

    New on version 10 Boletus

    The 10th version of Cobian Backup is now under development. An Alpha version will be released to some selected ...

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  • icon DropBox 1.0

    DropBox 1.0

    Cross-platform software for automatic synchronization of files over the Web

    Dropbox is a cross-platform software for automatic synchronization of files over the Web, that allows you to use a remote disk for...

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  • icon FBackup 4.6

    FBackup 4.6

    FREE backup. Reliable. No nags.

    FBackup is a freeware backup program for both personal and commercial use that allows users to protect important data by backing it up automaticall...

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  • icon HDClone 4

    HDClone 4

    Clones an entire hard disk to another, larger medium

    The Free Edition of HDClone clones an entire hard disk to another, larger medium. Use it for migrating an existing installation to a new hard dis...

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  • icon Iperius-Backup 4.8.4

    Iperius Backup 4.8.4

    Iperius Backup Your Lifetime BackUp Solution

    Iperius Backup è un software di backup completo e flessibile per Windows. Disponibile anche in versione FREE, e installabile anche su sistem...

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  • icon Memopal 2

    Memopal 2

    3GB free Online Backup and Storage

    Memopal is software that performs the automatic and continuous saving of your files to a remote server via secure internet conne...

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  • icon Sugar-Sync 1.9.28

    Sugar Sync 1.9.28

    Access all your data Anytime, anywhere, from any device

    Now get your own Personal Cloud! File sync and online backup for all your devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and more!...

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  • icon Uranium-BackUp 8

    Uranium BackUp 8

    Freeware and professional backup software for Windows

    Powerful, flexible and full-featured backup software for Windows.

    Sold and used in more than 50 countries, Uranium is available in many lan...

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