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powerful modeling and animation software 3D graphics

Houdini Apprentice 3D is the free version to approach the use of a powerful modeling and animation software, 3D graphics, used in professional and related to film production. Provides a wide range of visual effects tools and dedicated to the modeling of digital characters.

The projects can be saved according to various formats, including HD.

3D Houdini Apprentice users can now grapple with the definition of models from the world of cartoons, or characterized by textures and photorealistic rendering can make them. These are therefore procedural animations using advanced methods to achieve maximum control of the elements that compose them. The virtual scene is totally in the hands of artists and creative, taking account of cameras and lights using different criteria apply.

This version is characterized by the insertion of watermarks applied to the end of each work.

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Software Name Houdini Apprentice 3D 11
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