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Simple and powerful free create 3d images

Google SketchUp 8

Download Google SketchUp and create, modify and share 3D models for free.

Create 3D models, share them with the world and add them to Google Earth.

Google SketchUp is a free program for designing 3D models, which emphasizes simplicity and intuitiveness of use. Allows you to create simple three-dimensional objects or forms more complex, being able to reach the definition of locations of some complexity.

The program interface allows a few simple steps to create three-dimensional drawings of any object. There is also a wide range of tools and working environment in WYSIWYG style keeps images with effects very similar to reality.

The new version of Google SketchUp implements the ability to import full-color maps from Google Maps integration with Building Maker to improve the buildings. Renewed the old instruments and the function of geo-location.

The Mountain View company also offers a paid version called Google SketchUp Pro, designed for creating and sharing professional presentations, available on the official website of the product.

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